Heathrow Airport in London is surely unique worldwide in having terminals in the middle between the runways, together with an outside viewing platform high up on Terminal 2 where you can see an uninterrupted all round 360 degrees. All that stuff around the edges is what fascinated me most, one gets tantalising glimpses of it through a microscopic porthole as you take off and land. Cargo warehouses, repair hangers, services of all kinds, a whole city in fact. The above is only a bit of it, about ninety degrees. However it has been decided by our political masters that terrorists would like to be up there too, so it has been closed, probably now for ever. Using very long telephoto lenses, I may well be the only person to have attempted this picture of the distant perimeter before it was closed; here you are looking at Terminal Four which is only a section of the area covered. So make the most of it while you are on this website: you will never see it anywhere else. I have plans to revisit ( if they will let me) with an ambitious technique which will greatly amplify all that staggering detail. They’ll have to lend me one of those long walls on the way out to the gates on which to show it if its ever going to be visible again; and perhaps then you will be able to view it from the luxury of a travelling pavement. One thing I wont be able to rephotograph though is at the extreme right of the image above:    its become invisible forever since the image was made